Cloud Services

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2018)

Infocular cloud services offers the leading cloud computing services in India with its unparalleled expertise in storage and network services on cloud. The platform offers a bunch of intelligent services for enterprises looking to evolve their business based on contemporary technology with economical capital expenditure on physical hardware, almost instantaneously, thus guiding a faster time-to-market. Infocular assemble and integrate platform with a modular architecture that allows ‘on-demand’ hosting, clients can scale their substructure dynamically, on a pay-for-use model, with need-based subscriptions.

Why Us ?

  • Infocular harness unstructured data with agile approach and advance analytics and build custom software solutions.
  • Our expert panel analyst are pioneer thinkers and developers who understand that customer facing software drives revenue.
  • As a big data solution Infocular offers expert consulting, implementation and support services in Big Data Analyst.
  • Most organizations aren’t capable to leverage the data they generate, Infocular will put together a framework for data visualization of our Clients.

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