Training & Education

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Job training & cerification takes place in a normal working circumstances, using the documents or materials,practical tools and equipment that trainees will use when fully trained. Thus this technique not only provides reputative and most effective vocational work but also involves clients training at a site away from the actual work environment.

Courses from Infocular Training Services are available in assorted formats so as to suit your needs—at one of our regional training centers, online as virtual learning or on our companies official websites.The training and cerification courses are introduced under i-LABS program of the company. Incubator is a unique opportunity for IT students, professionals aspirants who wish to keep in pace with the growing competition in this sector. Its operations have been devised to confirm education, simplicity and flexibility to all its subscriber.

With the introduction and implementation of the Incubator by Mr. Vivek Singh through Infocular E-Technologies, he and his team plan to revolutionize the student-care system of India and perhaps the rest of the World. The basic premise of this program is to push the student flux forward, specifically those who have trouble in establishing themselves in the industry due to number of reasons. The general notion is to train these individuals (and others too) and bring them to the level where they are competent enough to work for any company or perhaps start their own business/company in the same sector. In either case, the program is meant to supply the tools and confidence that one needs to increase his/her potential to generate decent sustainable income.

Why Us ?

  • Getting Professional knowledge and skills through trining while you are still in college.
  • Infocular provides online certification courses as per ypur job requirement in CS/IT Industry.
  • Highlights your portfolio from others and make your career stand out.
  • Motivate you for becoming self-employed so that u can have your own business and earn by your own means.

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